Missing Roof Shingles? You Need Shingle Roof Replacement in Newton, MA Now!

January 5, 2021

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Never put off needed shingle roof replacement in Newton, MA! Your home’s roof does more than just keep out rainwater and snow; a roof helps insulate interior spaces, keeping in your costly heating and cooling while keeping out bothersome humidity, heat, and cold. A roof also helps support a home, ensuring it’s structurally strong and stable!

A homeowner should schedule a shingle roof replacement in Newton, MA, as soon as it’s needed and even before it shows signs of wear and age. Doing a residential roof replacement before shingles wear out or blow away ensures the roof is protected, avoiding added damage. Consider some signs it’s time for a shingle roof replacement in Newton, MA, and why it’s vital you schedule this work when needed, and then discuss your concerns with a roofing contractor near you.

shingles on a roof in Newton

4 Signs You Need a Shingle Roof Replacement in Newton MA

Every homeowner should give their roof a quick visual inspection on a regular basis, and schedule professional roof inspections at least every other year. Annual roofing inspections are recommended after strong storms and heavy snows, or if your roof is more than 10 years old. Note a few signs that you need a shingle roof replacement in Newton, MA, so you know what to look for when inspecting your home’s roof!

1. Missing roof shingles

It’s not unusual for a roof to be missing a few shingles after a strong storm or high winds have come through the Newton area, and replacing those shingles is often all that’s needed to ensure your home’s roof is in good repair. However, over time roof shingles might get brittle and then dry and crack and fall away from their nails and connectors.

When shingles absorb water, they also get crumbly and fall away from the roof, or split and tear. Roof damage, such as from falling branches, someone walking on the roof, or DIY pressure washing, can also pull on shingles and cause them to fall away.

If you notice missing shingles and especially if there are large “bald spots” or bare areas of the roof, it’s time to schedule a roof inspection. You might need to invest in a full shingle roof replacement in Newton, MA, to ensure your home is protected and insulated properly.

roof replacement done in newton

2. Stripped shingle granules

Asphalt shingles are covered in bumpy granules. These granules discourage standing water on a roof, reducing the risk of water damage and algae growth. Granules also provide added insulation for the home, keeping in your heating and cooling.

As shingles age or dry out, those granules might get stripped away. Granules might also get stripped from shingles due to falling branches, foot traffic, pressure washing, and other such damage. When this happens, you might notice those granules in the home’s gutters or along the lawn and landscaping close to the house.

Damaged shingles without needed granules can mean the risk of rainwater and snow piling up on the roof, risking water damage, mold growth, algae, and rotted roof decking. Don’t ignore these granules or what appear to be stripped shingles, but call a roofing contractor for a shingle roof replacement in Newton, MA, if you notice granule damage along a roof’s surface.

roofing contractor working on shingle replacement in Newton

3. Interior signs of roof damage!

A visual inspection of your home’s roof is the best way to note if it’s time for a shingle roof replacement in Newton, MA, but you might notice signs of roof damage inside your home as well! A sudden spike in your utility costs can mean that an old, worn roof is letting out your heating and cooling throughout the year.

A damaged roof and worn-out shingles also let water and moisture into the roof’s lower layers, so if you need a home roof replacement in Newton, MA, you might soon see water stains along interior walls and ceilings. As a home’s roof helps block outside heat and cold, a damaged roof can also mean stuffy or cold and drafty interior spaces!

4. Aging. How old is your home’s roof?

While most shingle roofs last at least 20 years, they can start to suffer damage the day they’re installed! Some low-quality roofing materials also wear out far sooner than expected, and subpar installation can also increase the risk of losing shingles.

If your home’s roof is at least 10 years old, schedule an annual roof inspection by a reliable roofing contractor near you. An inspection can note if your home’s roof is in good condition or if and when you might need a shingle roof replacement in Newton, MA.

Never Put Off a Needed Shingle Roof Replacement in Newton, MA

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If you’re like most homeowners, you would like to put off a shingle roof replacement in Newton, MA, as long as possible. Roof replacement can be costly for many people, but it’s vital that you schedule needed roof repairs and especially a full-scale replacement when needed.

One reason to consider a needed shingle roof replacement in Newton, MA, is that those missing or worn shingles increase the risk of water damage, as said. Water-damaged framing including roof rafters and joists, as well as rotted wall studs, are often expensive to replace.

Water seeping in through a damaged roof also increases the risk of mold growth in the home. Mold is also costly to clean, as well as downright dangerous for your family! Replacing a roof or missing singles as soon as possible helps keep out water and humidity, reducing the risk of mold.

A homeowner would also do well to remember that roof damage doesn’t fix itself and will typically just get worse over time! The longer you put off a shingle roof replacement in Newton, MA, the more extensive and costlier the damage. You might eventually need to replace roof decking, the roof’s underlayment, and other materials the longer you avoid needed roof repairs or replacement.

Does a Roof Replacement in Newton, MA, Increase Home Values?

While repairs or a new roof replacement are needed to protect a home, many homeowners wonder if a shingle roof replacement in Newton, MA, increases home values. Only a realtor or property appraiser can note if a new roof will increase your home’s overall value and by how much, but keep in mind that an old, worn roof is almost sure to decrease your home’s values! Damage caused as a result of that old roof, such as structure wood rot and mold growth, also affect a home’s overall values.

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If you’re considering putting your home on the market anytime soon, you might also consider that an old, damaged roof is likely to put off potential buyers while a new roof, even a basic, affordable shingle roof, can attract buyers. Potential home-buyers realize that even moderate-quality shingles should last at least a decade before needing repairs or replacement, so they know if they purchase a home with a new roof, that’s one repair they won’t need to worry about for several years!

A new roof can also improve a home’s overall appearance. Today’s shingles come in a wider range of color tones than ever before, and replacing worn or missing shingles improves your property’s curb appeal instantly. To find out more about how a new roof affects your home’s values, call a realtor or roofing contractor near you today!

The Newton Roofers is proud to provide this information to our readers and we hope that you found it helpful. If you’re still wondering if your home needs a shingle roof replacement in Newton, or any roof repairs, give us a call! We offer the most durable, reliable roofing in Newton, MA, with FREE quotes and a full customer satisfaction guarantee you can trust!

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