5 Hidden Signs It’s Time for Roof Replacement in Newton MA

February 1, 2020

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Never put off getting a roof replacement in Newton MA and especially if your home’s current roof is in great disrepair. A home’s roof is a vital part of your interior insulation, blocking out heat and cold while keeping your inside cooling and warm air where it belongs!

A home’s roof also affects its overall appearance and even your property values. For all these reasons and more, it’s good to check out some hidden signs of needed roof replacement in Newton MA, so you know when to call a contractor and schedule repairs or roof replacement.

A Home’s Interior Might Signal Needed Roof Replacement in Newton

Because a roof is so vital to a home’s overall insulation, its interior environment might signal needed roof replacement for a Newton MA home. For example, you might notice more humidity inside your home one summer or note that your home’s interior feels drafty during winter months.

Poor insulation overall, windows and doors separating from their frames so as to let in outside heat and cold, and a failing HVAC system can also be the cause of an uncomfortable interior environment. If you rule out these causes, it’s probably time for a roof inspection in Newton MA!

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Older Roofs Simply Need Replacing

As with any other building materials and surfaces in and around your home, a roof wears out over time simply due to age. While every roofing type has an expected lifespan, exposure to especially harsh sunlight and weather conditions causes even earlier breakdown of asphalt shingles. If there are few mature shade trees on your property, your home’s roof might suffer excessive wear from exposure and lack of shade and protection.

If your home’s roof is reaching the end of its expected lifespan, note that it’s often good to invest in roof replacement in Newton MA before it begins suffering added wear, lost shingles, and the like. Investing in a new roof before the old one is severely damaged and worn ensures your home is protected properly throughout the years.

Look for Granules and Connectors in the Gutters and Elsewhere

As a roof ages, its surface granules tend to crumble and fall away. You might notice those granules in the home’s gutters, collecting in the yard around the exterior walls, and along other spaces directly underneath the home. Once granules fall away, shingles are then thin and not insulating your home as they should.

Along with granules, connectors and nails tend to rust and then loosen and also fall away after so many years. When this happens, shingles are in danger of flying off in even the slightest wind. If you notice nails, bolts, and other such pieces in your home’s landscaping features, along the lawn, or elsewhere, it’s time to schedule a roofing inspection in Newton MA!

You Might Need Roof Replacement in Newton After a Stormy Season

It’s vital that homeowners in the Newton area invest in strong, durable roofing shingles and tiles, to ensure their home’s roof stands up to the state’s rather unpredictable weather! However, even the strongest and more durable shingles suffer damage in a hailstorm and can loosen in high winds and heavy rains.

No matter the age and condition of your home’s roofing materials, it’s vital to schedule a roofing inspection after any particularly strong storm and especially a stormy season! Even the smallest bit of hail damage or a few missing shingles should be addressed right away, to ensure your home’s roof is always in good repair.

roof replacement in newton

Note the Appearance of Your Home’s Roof

A homeowner should avoid getting onto a home’s roof for any inspection or repairs, as walking on a roof is dangerous enough for experienced contractors! However, you might note your home’s roof from across the street or while safe on a ladder; note dark spots, sagging areas, uneven or buckling and curling shingles, and other such imperfections.

It’s also good to consider the overall color of a home’s roof; if it’s faded and worn, this typically means those shingles are also worn and ready for replacement. This is especially true if you’ve recently had the roof washed professionally; if a good power washing doesn’t restore the appearance of shingles, they might simply be old and worn.

Why Invest in Roof Installation Costs in Newton MA

While a roof provides added insulation inside the home, as said, there are many other reasons to consider investing in roof installation costs in Newton MA. Before you decide that you don’t need to get a new roof or can put it off for a few more years, note a few advantages of a new roof installation in Newton:

  • A new roof improves the home’s curb appeal in an instant, whereas an old and worn roof can detract from its appearance overall. An old and damaged roof can even make the home seem outdated and in disrepair no matter its true condition on the inside!
  • In some cases, a new roof might even increase the value of your home; at the very least, an old and worn roof might decrease your home’s value! A real estate agent or property appraiser can note if a new roof will affect your home’s value and by how much, but consider a roof installation if you’re looking to put your home on the market and increase its price and salability.
  • An older roof in disrepair increases the risk on interior water leaks and resultant mold growth. A new roof keeps out water and decreases the risk of damaging, unhealthy mold.
  • The longer you put off needed roof repairs for a Newton MA home, the worse the damage! A roof in serious disrepair might even begin to sag and be in danger of collapsing. You would then face repairs for structural damage to your home as well as a new roof installation.

Keep all these points in mind when considering if it’s time to invest in a roof replacement in Newton MA. Your new roof will protect your home from structural and water damage as well as mold growth, and keep your home’s interior spaces comfortable year-round.

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